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to be held at

the Day Luncheon Centre, Sandy Lane, Caldicot,
on Tuesday 26th September 2006 at 6.00pm.

All members of the Community are welcome to attend!

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Caldicot Twinning Association 2006 AGM Agenda

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A welcoming party consisting of the Mayor, 2 ex Mayors, and the Chairman of the Caldicot Twinning Association, went by coach to Waterloo Station on Friday 28th April. After the 3 customary welcome kisses we returned to Caldicot. Our visitors were greeted again at Jubilee Way, and after a quick visit to their hosts we were off to County Hall for a welcoming buffet provided by County Councillor Mrs. Val Smith Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council.

Another civic visit on Saturday morning to the Welsh Assembly Building, which impressed our visitors. We drove around Cardiff Bay to have lunch at a very good restaurant El Porto, where we entertained our visitors.
The evening was spent at the Choir Hall for the formal reception given by the Town Council for our visitors. A presentation of a Friendship Cup, which was filled with whiskey, another present, passed around to be sipped by everyone present. Entertainment was provided by the Severn Tunnel Band, and a group representing the Operatic Society of Caldicot.

The Mayor of Caldicot, Mr Paul Tidmarsh provided and cooked a pleasant lunch, ably assisted by local volunteers. In the afternoon the visitors were entertained by visits to our favourite local beauty spots.
Caldicot Castle was the setting for the Twinning Association to host our visitors to a Medieaval Banquet. The visitors were engrossed in the atmosphere They were thoroughly amused and thought the entertainers of the castle were superb.

We took our visitors to Swansea on Tuesday, they visited the new Maritime Museum (free), the marina, and shopping, including the famous market. From Swansea we went on a tour of The Mumbles, local bays, and on to the Oxwich bay Hotel for lunch. Following on from there to Rhossili Bay, and the Worm's Head, to see the picturesque views of the Gower. We ,by then were running late for the evenings entertainment. We all arrived at the Olde Tippling Philosopher for a fish and chip supper. We were entertained by some members of our choir Cor Meibion, assisted by singers from Morrieres and Caldicot.

Wednesday morning saw us all saying " au revoir " and "annee prochain" (until next year).

We'll keep a welcome In the hillside

Far away a voice is calling
Bells of memory chime
Come home again, come home again
They call through the oceans of time

We'll keep a welcome in the hillside
We'll keep a welcome in the Vales
This land you knew will still be singing
When you come home again to Wales

This land of song will keep a welcome
And with a love that never fails
We'll kiss away each hour of hiraeth
When you come home again to Wales

We'll keep a welcome in the hillside
We'll keep a welcome in the Vales
This land you knew will still be singing
When you come home again to Wales

We'll kiss away each hour of hiraeth
When you come home again to Wales

As Chairman of the Twinning Association may I give my thanks to our local Council for all their help. Big thankyous to all the hosts, helpers,and supporters of the Association for the generosity shown. I hope that for the children of Caldicot that this Association will grow and prosper.

Terry Williams: Chairman of the Caldicot Twinning Association

On the 25th October 2005 members of the Caldicot Twinning Association organised a fund raising evening, Starting Local Singers Richard Harris and Clive Lemon at the Caldicot Male Voice Choir Hall, Mill lane, Caldicot.

The event the second to be organised by the Group was again a total success with 200 people attending. Many thanks to Richard and the Choir who gave their services to the Twinning Association for free.

The money raised from these events will help pay for some twinning events next year at the signing ceremony visit. It will also help to pay the travel expenses for students from our school to visit Morières in the future.

The twinning committee paid the travel expenses for the 4 students from Caldicot Comprehensive School to attend the signing ceremony in May 2005 from fundraising money.

*Twinning events will be advertised on this page shortly

School twinning report from
Jean Corncob Head of Languages.

The link with the Collège Jean Brunet, in Morières, is going well - we are exchanging letters at present and pupils will start e-mailing as soon as we can get the e-mail accounts set up. (Currently pupils don't have individual accounts set up so I will have to organise this.)

Pupils from the equivalent of years 8/9/10 are coming on the first leg of an exchange visit on 31 March for 1 week. Return dates are not fixed yet. The link teacher is Laetitia Galas.

The second link I have set up is with the Lycée Victor Hugo, in Carpentras, not far from Morières. There the link tutor is Annie Duhaut. This type of school is for the equivalent of our years 11/12/13. The section we have linked with is the one preparing pupils for the Baccalaureat ('A' level in business/ sales). They study tourism as one aspect of their course and my year 12 pupils have made a video of the Caldicot area for them. This has been sent, but as Annie is in hospital at present, we have not had anything back from them yet, except brochures about the school and their course (via Jean Barrie on Civic Sunday). I have posted a lot of brochures to them, also our school prospectus etc.

We plan to do mutual work experience swops in the next year or so. We need to get real business links -

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Stéphane Reynaud a welcomed artist to Caldicot from our
Twin Town, Morières in France.