Twinning History

May 2002 a delegation from Caldicot lead by Dave Evans Mayor of Caldicot visited Morières les Avignon to investigate the possibility of Twinning between the two towns from Wales and France.

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photo: Mayor's Joël Granier left and Dave Evans right signing the visitor's book in Morières

September 2002 a delegation from Morières les Avignon makes a return visit to Caldicot

photo: Mayor of Morières Joël Granier with the delegation from Morières at a reception at the Dewstow Golf Club


War delays twinning ceremony

Plans to twin a French and Welsh town have been delayed because of the war in Iraq. People living in Caldicot in Monmouthshire had been planning the twinning with Morières lès Avignon in the south east of France since May 2002.

But organisers in France decided to postpone the twinning ceremony because of the Iraqi conflict where coalition forces were being killed.

The decision by the French committee came a week before the celebrations were planned in Caldicot. The president of the Morières Twinning Association, Jean Barret, said it would be inappropriate to travel to Wales while British soldiers were being killed in the war. We did not feel like going to celebrate the twinning in joy while some of your boys are being killed in Iraq, Jean Barret, Morières Twinning Association

"We were ready to go to the official twinning ceremony but since the international situation became worse people did not feel like going there," he said. "Not because of your people, no, because Caldicot is a long-running love story between them and us.

"But because some people feel there would be something wrong with the flight and so on. "And, then we did not feel like going to celebrate the twinning in joy while some of your boys are being killed in Iraq," he added. But the decision, which came in a fax sent to Caldicot Town Council, has disappointed people living in the Monmouthshire town.

Elaine Davies, the mayor of Caldicot, said: "We were informed that this might be happening and when we received the fax to say it was being postponed, yes, we were disappointed.

"Many years ago Caldicot School took part in school exchanges with the town in Avignon and many people in Caldicot have retained links through school exchanges and this is how the twinning partnership started.

"The message we received was that they felt they weren't in a position to come here to celebrate when many of our armed forces were taking part in this war.

"They felt it was inappropriate to celebrate at a time like this.

"The reason Caldicot Town Council decided to go ahead with the twinning when we heard there were some concerns in Morières was because we had taken advice from the local government international bureau which stressed that twinning is a completely neutral activity and is used to promote friendship," she said.

She said she hoped the twinning ceremony would take place later this year.


Twinning takes place between Caldicot and Morieres
May 2005

photo: Ron Stewart signing the Twinning Document

On Wednesday 5th May 2005 a group of people led by Caldicot Mayor Ron Stewart travelled to Morières near Avignon in France to witness the signing of the twinning between Caldicot and Morières.

There was representation from The Town Council, Caldicot Comprehensive School, Caldicot Chamber Commerce and of our twenty nine representatives, seven were from Caldicot & District U3A.

On arrival at Morières we were overwhelmed at the warm reception with Welsh flags and bunting everywhere. The local shops not to be outdone displaying their wares in Welsh.