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Caerwent is a small village , but there is much to remind the visitor of its Roman past. In Roman times it was a city of considerable significance, the largest centre of civilian population in Wales. The City bore the name Venta Silurum - 'market of the Silures'. It was the administrative centre and capital of the Silures, whose territories included the latter day counties of Brecknock, Glamorgan and Monmouthshire

Venta was sited on a slight rise in the middle of a broad open valley in an area of prime agricultural land, a little over 2 miles from the River Severn.

It sat astride the main Roman road running from Gloucester to Caerleon and beyond.

Caerwent has the best preserved defences of any Roman town of city in Britain. The total circuit of the wall slightly exceeds a mile.

The temple complex was built about A.D.330.

caerwent 01

caerwent 02 Above: southern stretch of the city wall
Right: remains of the west gate is part of the southern wall


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