September 2018  

Plans for new flats, an improved shopping centre and a new road layout for Caldicot were published as part of the Cardiff Capital Region’s draft regeneration plan supported by finds from the Welsh Government.
County Councillor Bob Greenland stated that the plan was aimed at making the shopping centre fit for purpose and to prepare for the changes likely to come about as a result of the ending of tolls on the Severn bridges. The scheme proposed:
*Refurbishing the shops backing onto the Jubilee Way car park.
*An ‘urban courtyard’ and a new car park in Jubilee Way.
*Enhanced shop frontages and improved signage.
*Improved links along Church Road between the castle and the town centre.
*The creation of a ‘co-working space’ within the community hub at the library.
MCC’s cabinet agreed to spend around £147,000 submitting a development funding application to the Welsh Government.

Plans were announced under the ‘Caldicot Green Infrastructure Corridors Project’ to enhance the perception of the town. The plan focussed on the two main routes into the town centre –Newport Road and Woodstock Way.
The plans included proposals for:
*Almond, wild cherry, rowan and whitebeam trees to be planted on open spaces and verges along the two roads.
* Orchard trees to be planted in a green space near the King George V playing fields, along with a flagpole, information board and benches.
* New flowers to fill the planters in the town centre, with four plant climber frames to be erected.

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