September 2004

Mr Bill Edgerley, Managing Director of P&O Developments attended a meeting at County Hall to explain the ‘Griffin Borders’ project to councillors. The project includes proposals for creating a base for the National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats (NIRAH). Councillors are at present taking a cautious view. Councillor graham Down stated “Without NIRAH we would not be interested, but having seen the proposals ... I believe that the project might have the potential to be one of the most exciting opportunities for Monmouthshire for a very long time.”

A proposal has been put forward by the Head Teacher of Caldicot School to the Governing Body to consider a change from its community school status to that of a voluntary aided Church in Wales secondary school. In her paper to the governors, Mrs S Gwyer-Roberts has suggested that a change of status would substantiate further the corporate aims and objectives of the school and provide choice and diversity within the lifelong learning experience for Monmouthshire. A consultation document will be presented to all interested parties, including staff, parents, the local community and the LEA. If the governing body believes, in the light of this consultation there is sufficient support for the proposal, it will publish a formal public notice of the proposed change, which would be presented to the Welsh Assembly Government.

Mr Eamonn Ellaway has taken over as headteacher at Durand Primary School. Mr Ellaway was previously deputy head at Cross Ash Primary School, one of the top five schools in Wales.

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