November 2001

The newly installed skate park next to Caldicot Leisure Centre is already causing problems. Although the 76,000 park has still to be officially opened, it is being used and has already been subject to vandalism. Graffiti has been scrawled over the park and over the leisure centre walls and there have been complaints of drug dealing and bullying on the site.
Damage to the buildings of the Comprehensive School has also increase since the park began to be used. Staff at the leisure centre also find themselves having to deal with injuries to skateboarders. Gwent Police are understood to have written to Monmouthshire County Council raising a number of concerns, which as yet remain unresolved. There have been calls for the park to be fenced off and only opened at certain hours of the day so that it can be properly supervised.

Residents in the Sandy Lane area have protested against an eco-friendly scheme proposed for nearby allotments. The scheme, initiated by Friends of the Earth and supported by Monmouthshire County Council, involves setting up a communal compost heap at the allotments where local people can bring garden waste and other suitable material. The residents are protesting on the grounds that it will lead to fly-tipping, unpleasant smells and increased traffic.

The Caldicot Regeneration Group, which aims to raise the profile of Caldicot and to bring additional retail outlets to the town, has launched a new marketing logo, based upon the cross in Caldicot town centre.

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